Interactive virtual garden showing a unity of technology, man and nature.

My dream is that the entire world is turned into a Parkā€¦This Park should be like this Landscape Park, Man and Nature so perfectly combined. Dmitry Likhachev discussing the parks surrounding Tsarskoye Selo, Russia.

Rutopia is a virtual reality art project developed for the CAVE and the C-Wall virtual reality systems. Its visual style is based on poetics and symbology from Russian fairy tales and folk art. In Rutopia trees communicate with the visitor of the park. The visitor can control the evolution of the trees as well as reverse their growth. In this unattainable fairy environment, rationalistic technology, the mystery of nature and human presence are harmonized in a perfect balance. Rutopia shows this interactive virtual park as a sketch of a premature embodiment of this wonderful time and place.

The project received the Best Immersive Virtual Reality Environment Award at the IDEAS 2003 (Interactive Digital Environments Arts and Storytelling) Festival as part of the Animagina exhibition.

Selected original paintings from the storyboard.
Screenshots of the virtual environment in Rutopia.
Video 2004.
The user navigates Rutopia on the C-Wall. IEEE VR 2004 Conference Exhibition.