Siggraph Asia 2016

Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project.
Real-Time Diagnostic Data in Multi-User Virtual Reality Post-Stroke Therapy.
VR Showcase. China. December 4-6, 2016

Exhibition of the two projects during the First VR Showcase in China. Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project Oculus Rift version was exhibited at the VR Showcase. This project advocates about human rights and is based on veterans’ testimonies of US military enhanced interrogation practices during the Iraq War.

I organized networked exhibition and real-time interactive multi-user network presentation of the virtual therapy session between the therapist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, USA and the exhibitors in Macau. The Multi-User Virtual Reality Environment Assisting Post Stroke Hand Rehabilitation project presented the pre-clinical phase of the ongoing research that uses virtual reality and games to assist hand rehabilitation for post stroke patients. We demonstrated three multi-user games (Ball, Tracing, Food Fight) with real-time network connection between Chicago and China.

Multi-user virtual reality demonstration during the VR Showcase. Participants play the Ball game with each other.
Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project exhibition using Oculus Rift.