Attractions by Transit

Developing large outdoor displays to encourage urban tourism and transit.

This is an ongoing collaborative project which aims to create a user-friendly commuter experience for new visitors to the city of Chicago. The large-scale outdoor display is customized to show city attractions that are conveniently reachable from the current location, as well as directions for traveling there by public transit. We included features that address safety concerns and demographical interests.

This visual communication system helps the commuters make better decisions in a city that they are not familiar with. The graphical user interface provides a dynamic solution to address the inadequacies in existing transit maps and city guides. The challenge was to compress complex information about this metropolis into a limited digital space. Using information design methods, we organized data on the screen in order of importance. Color, typography, scale and layout are visual cues that help a commuter make efficient navigational decisions.

The project is funded by the National Science Foundation to improve the transportation system and will eventually be installed in high-density tourist locations across the U.S.

Visitors learn about Chicago attractions in Millennium park.
Video documentation showing time-lapse with an updated list of open attractions throughout the day.
Work-in-progress design.