Chicago Design Milestones

Public installation designed for the 150 Media Stream, the largest media screen in Chicago, showcasing the evolution of design from 1920s to the present.

Communication Arts Award of Excellence
Creative Quarterly Excellence Award
Communication Design Scholar Award
Creative Quarterly 100
Muse Creative Award
STA 100
Leviathan / 150 Media Stream

Communication Arts Gallery
Pre-exhibit at Archeworks Chicago
CAA 2020 Chicago
150 MediaStream Exhibition

Communication Arts
Creative Quarterly Journal
Creative Quarterly 100 Best

The installation of the Chicago Design Milestones visualizes the evolution of Chicago design by its examination and presentation of historic characteristics of design works in the Chicago Design Archive (CDA) collection over the last 100 years. I was a project director of this national collaborative project, which unveiled new modes of connection and public conversation by presenting Chicago’s design history and promoting the public understanding of rich historic information through media design and unique technology. The installation’s content is based on the collection of original works of design from the CDA, featuring over 3,200 examples of work by 1,100 designers ranging from 1920s to the present, including posters, books and other publications, from typography specimens to identity systems.

Chicago Design Milestones was designed for the 150 Media Stream, the largest exhibition media screen in Chicago, stretching 150 feet long and rising 22 feet high, spanning 3,000+ square feet and comprising of 89 LED blades, located in the lobby of 150 North Riverside Plaza on the Chicago River. 150 Media Stream is the only structure of its kind, celebrating the transformational power of culture as a collective experience and is dedicated to showcasing Chicago artists, culture and history. Our team relied on SAGE2 data-intensive collaboration software developed by the UIC’s Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) to display and manage the design selection process. The project is now part of the permanent collection of the 150 Media Stream.

Daria Tsoupikova, UIC School of Design & Electronic Visualization Laboratory
Sharon Oiga, UIC School of Design & Chicago Design Archive
Guy Villa Jr, Columbia College Chicago
Krystofer Kim, NASA
Wayne Stuetzer, Chicago Design Archive
Jack Weiss, Chicago Design Archive
Cheri McIntyre, Chicago Design Archive
Ali Khan, UIC School of Design
Curation by Yuge Zhou

Suppoted by Leviathan / 150 Media Stream, Electronic Visualization Lab, Chicago Design Archive, School of Design, UIC, Columbia College Chicago.

Chicago Design Milestones installation presenting 100 years of Chicago design history (1920-2019) on the 150 Media Stream.
Team discussions during the development of the project using SAGE2 data-intensive collaboration software in the Electronic Visualization Laboratory.
Video documentation for the Design Incubator award.
Video documentation excerpt.