IEEE VIS 2015 Arts Program

Palmer House Hilton / LeRoy Neiman Center. Chicago. October 19-30, 2015

I co-chaired (with Angus Forbes and Fanny Chevalier) the IEEE VIS 2015 Arts Program, VISAP’15 in Chicago. VISAP'15 featured innovative art, design and research that explored the exciting and increasingly prominent intersections between art, design and visualization. Through a dedicated papers track and an exhibition that run concurrently with the IEEE 2015 VIS conference, the Arts Program fostered new thinking, discussion, and collaboration between artists, designers, technologists, visualization scientists, and others working at the intersection of these fields.

VISAP'15 ran for two weeks from October 19th through October 30th at two locations in Chicago, Illinois. During the main IEEE VIS 2015 conference (October 25th-30th), events took place at the historic Palmer House Hotel and at the LeRoy Neiman Center at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, both located in downtown Chicago. The art exhibition in the LeRoy Neiman Center was open to the general public for viewing the VISAP'15 art installations the week before and during the IEEE VIS conference. The exhibition featured works by Eduardo Kac, Dan Sandin, Donna Cox, Charlie Roberts, Graham Wakefield & Haru Ji Rebecca Xu, Emilio Vavarella, Jo Wood and many others. VISAP'15 artworks and selected papers were published in Leonardo, the Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology, and selected papers in IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications.

IEEE VIS is the most important international conference for information, science, art and biomedical visualization. The Arts Program exhibited peer reviewed media art projects pushing the boundaries of what we can perceive when introducing new interactions and representations of complex data and exploring how the exposure to tremendous amounts of data affects our daily lives.

Fast Forward and Video Preview of VISAP 2015 artworks and papers.
Visitors explore Natural Rejection, the database driven visualizaton of extinct species by Kurt Kaminski.
Francesca Samsel explains her visualization Climate Prisms: The Arctic Connecting Climate Research and Climate Modeling via the Language of Art.