Siggraph 2009
Visualization Panels

Scientific and BioMedical Visualization panels.
Ernest Morial Convention Center, New Orleans. August 5-6, 2009

Siggraph 2009

I co-organized (with Helen-Nicole Kostis, UMBC/GEST & NASA/GSFC) two special curated panels on Scientific and BioMedical Visualization for the Computer Animation Festival.


A Journey from Outer to Inner Space: Scientific and Biomedical Stereoscopic Visualization

Earth and lunar sciences, solar expeditions, galaxy formations, climate studies, mummy returns, and a journey inside the human body screened in state-of-theart Stereoscopic presentations in Real-D Theater! Panelists discussed the challenges, techniques, and software involved in producing stereoscopic scientific and biomedical visualizations.

Donna Cox, NCSA, University of Illinois;
Arnaud Thernisien, Universities Space Research Association;
Robert Patterson, Advanced Visualization Lab, NCSA;
Benjamin Moreno, SARL IMA Solutions;
Helen-Nicole Kostis, Scientific Visualization Studio, NASA/GSFC;
Richard Breiman, University of California, School of Medicine;
Mark Bolas, Institute for Creative Technologies & School of Cinematic Arts, University of Southern California.


Tomorrow’s Yesterday: Scientific and Biomedical Visualization

Screenings of state-of-the art Scientific and BioMedical Visualizations followed by discussions about innovative solutions, behind-the-scenes software developments, interdisciplinary collaboration, methods, techniques, and production pipelines. The goal of this panel was to present fresh work, capture interesting and under-represented visualization areas in the SIGGRAPH community, and contribute to definition of standards for technical development and production methods. The panel provided a balanced platform for exploration of the overlapping technical problems and complex solutions in scientific and biomedical visualizations knowledge.

Greg Shirah, NASA/GSFC - Scientific Visualization Studio;
Doug Roberts, Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum;
Seth W. Ruffins, California Institute of Technology;
Gaël McGill, Harvard Medical School and Digizyme, Inc;
Donna Cox, NCSA, University of Illinois.

A Journey from Outer to Inner Space panel.