Siggraph 2006

Cryptography and Mathematics: Educational Game "Treasure Hunt". Boston Convention Center, Boston.

Cryptography and Mathematics Educational Project was presented at SIGGRAPH 2006 on July 30-August 04, 2006, in Boston, MA. The Research Posters program presented the newest developing research in computer graphics and interactive techniques. It is a lively program for discussion and exchange of ideas, study latest research results in the computer graphic filed.

The poster research work was an ongoing collaborative project between Daria Tsoupikova, EVL and Vera Pless, Department of Mathematics and Janet Beissinger from the Institute for Math and Science Education at UIC. The goal of the research project is to use multimedia to develop middle-grade mathematics materials that teach cryptography, the science of sending secret messages. The project is sponsored in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and includes the Cryptoclub web site - which is the online community for children, students, and teachers interested in the area of Cryptography, the interactive game Treasure Hunt, and a book for students of grades 5-8 entitled Cryptoclub - Using Mathematics to Make and Break Secret Codes published in 2006 by AK Peters Inc.

Siggraph 2006 research posters.
Cryptography and Mathematics: Educational Game "Treature Hunt".