iDocs 2018 Data Dome

Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project. Screening. Bristol. March 21, 2018

iDocs 2018

Hearts and Minds: The Interrogations Project was exhibited in the state of the art Data Dome during the iDocs Festival in Bristol, UK. The work uses narrative, interaction and visuals to tell the stories of US soldiers who were involved in torture in Iraq, and is heartbreaking from so many perspectives. These men and women destroyed the lives of other people, and listening to their stories, you can truly sense how their own lives have been destroyed as well. No nation should ever require or encourage their people to commit such hideous actions.

Bristol Data Dome is the UK’s first full dome planetarium adapted for the presentation of media and live data. As part of the Bristol is Open project, the dome is intended to be used for visualizing complex experiments, creating interactive virtual reality environments and providing individual audience members with their own unique viewpoint. Hearts and Minds was presented for public and participants of the iDocs 2018 as virtual reality demonstration to showcase the potential of this amazing venue.

Data Dome in Bristol, UK.
Viewers at a performance of Hearts and Minds in the Data Dome during the iDocs 2018 Festival.
Hearts and Minds screening in the Data Dome during the iDocs 2018 Festival.