Creative Coding

Studies on how contemporary technologies inspire novel forms of creative practice.

Creative Coding is a new interdisciplinary course I created between the Department of Computer Science and the School of Design (CS+DES), which investigates how contemporary technologies can inspire novel forms of creative practice. It introduces software programming and creative coding techniques within the context of the digital media design. Students work in multidisciplinary teams (CS+DES) developing virtual reality projects for the CAVE2 and other VR platforms, interactive data visualizations and other projects combining computational skills with creative design. They investigate the challenges and opportunities that emerge when using new technologies for expressive purposes. This course is supported by IBM global Design + Theater + Creative Coding group investigating global concepts in Virtual Reality.

Between Two Bedrooms in Arles, by Jeff, Jacob, Matthew and Dania, is a virtual world inspired by Vincent Van Gogh famous ‘The Bedroom’ painting exploring Van Gogh history, life and art.
Typography Museum VR is a project that aims to create a new and interactive way to experience typography. It was developed by Caroline, Emma, Simone and Tommaso.
Michaela, Ronnie, and Vinit created a multimedia environment that portrays the history of video game sounds and imagery.
Marcin and Xiao developed Virtual Reality simulator researching the consequences of drunk driving for the safer future.
Soundscape lets a user find synaesthetic connections between pitch and color. It was developed by Valeria, Dat, Benjamin and Lubna.
Word Search is a virtual environment that facilitates the learning process of reading. Steen, Alex, Joshua, and Aloysius testing their project with children in the CAVE2.
Field trip to 150MediaStream.
Field trip to ShirleyRyan AbilityLab.